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Types of Landscaping Designs

Posted on 19th August 2020

Due to COVID-19 home improvement activity has increased significantly. With more time being spent at home, homeowners finally have the means to complete various projects, including outdoor landscaping. Now is the time to stop dreaming and start doing – with plenty of things you can do to your landscape and our expert advice, we could help you well on your way to making your perfect garden a reality.

Choosing a landscape to suit your land and lifestyle*

Consider what’ll work with your lifestyle and how you can work with the land you have. If you have a small garden, you might want to create the illusion that it’s more spacious by dividing your space between paving and grass. Breaking up your line of vision will instantly make a small garden look bigger. You may also want to think about levels, steps, different-sized potted plants, mirrors and growing tall perennials.

If you have a large garden but minimal time to maintain it, you’ll want to consider artificial turf, a rock garden with water features or paving and steps leading to your artificial turf.

*Following these two bits of advice is a surefire way to a landscape you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Lifestyles and landscapes

Busy lifestyle landscaping designs:

Artificial grass – low-maintenance

  • Ideal for busy people who either have a demanding job, children or pets. Artificial grass is extremely low-maintenance, durable, child and pet-safe, and looks just like natural grass. Say bye-bye to patchy, muddy and weed-ridden lawns with fake turf that’ll keep your landscape looking lush and green all year round.

Japanese-inspired Zen garden – low-maintenance

  • Forget the natural or fake grass, a rock garden can withstand all weathers and look sublime all of the time. To break up all the hard landscaping, you could include some natural water features – or even a koi pond but this will require a little more attention. A couple of dainty trees will also work well in a Japanese-inspired Zen garden, such as a Pom Pom tree or a Birch.

Semi-busy lifestyle landscaping designs:

Floral gardens – medium-maintenance

  • For those who are busy at work but do like to take some time out in the fresh air, having floral borders could be just the right amount of maintenance that’ll keep you busy and your garden looking picture-perfect. For any areas of your lawn that do not get enough sunlight, you could either install artificial grass or turn into a small rock garden.

landscape with flowers


Entertaining areas – medium-maintenance

  • Go half and half, split your garden and lay sandstone slabs at the section by the house (this will allow for optimal flow from the house and to the outdoors). Pop up a table and some chairs, perfect for evening meals outside. This section will require minimal maintenance, perhaps for the odd weeding session.

Relaxed lifestyle landscaping designs:

Formal lines – high-maintenance

  • For the green-fingered amongst us who like to tinker and tend to their outdoor landscapes, a garden of symmetry is made for you. Maintaining well-pruned plants, precise geometric shapes and mirrored flower borders is an exciting task for those with time and a keen eye.

Vegetable gardens – high-maintenance

  • Have pets but want to still enjoy your garden? Consider fencing around your vegetable patch, so your dog has plenty of space to roam and a perfectly good barrier to keep the pooch away from your produce. Having an organic garden can take a lot of work to maintain but with a touch of hard landscaping, you can make the best of both worlds.


If you’re looking to improve your landscape with a patio, steps, walls, pathways, artificial grass or other, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team here at Harpenden Block Paving. We’ve been inundated with requests for landscaping, and in light of COVID, our team has seen a real growth in this service, which has, in fact, enabled us to expand on our staff. If you would like to make your dream a reality, give us a call and let’s organise your safe and contact-free landscaping services.