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How to Take Care of Your Driveway

Posted on 17th May 2021

Block paving is a stunning design that is often used on driveways up and down the country. While it gives the front of your home a fresh and contemporary look, maintaining it can be tricky. 

That’s why the team at Harpenden Block Paving has put together a guide outlining how you can prevent your driveway from being damaged, and keep it clean. 

Natural stone paving driveway

How to prevent driveway damage?

While incredibly durable driveways are by no means indestructible, and damage can be sustained in a whole host of ways, including heavy loads, bad weather conditions and poor installation. 

If foundations are not properly packed or materials are of low quality, then the driveway will be susceptible to cracking. 

There are a number of preventative measures you can take to stop driveways from becoming damaged.

The best way to do this is to seal any driveway cracks that may have occurred before they get worse. Even driveways that have been constructed correctly can be susceptible to small cracks, and alone they’re not too much trouble. However, if rain gets in the cracks the water can freeze and expand the damage and you’ll be left with a more severe problem which could even lead to potholes. In order to prevent this kind of damage, you can purchase a high-quality sealer from your local hardware store and plug the gaps quite easily. 

If you have a more widespread problem you may need to get the experts in, so get in touch with Harpenden Block Paving if this is the case. 

It’s also a good idea to not park heavy vehicles on your driveway, or apply corrosive materials when cleaning it. Regular maintenance also helps to prevent damage to your driveway, and giving it a once over every six months is a good way to keep it in the very best condition. 

How to keep your driveway clean?

As well as cracks appearing and damage being caused, driveways can easily become dirty and untidy. One great way to clean it is to use a jet wash. The pressure of the water can quickly and efficiently rid your driveway of any dirt, but before you get going ensure you’re not located near a busy road as the power of the spray could pose a hazard to road users. 

Remove any weeds or unwanted plants from the driveway about a fortnight before you plan to use the jet wash. Next, clear your driveway and activate the jet wash being sure to cover the entire driveway. Sometimes the pressure of the machine can displace sand or other fillers from your block paving, if this is the case then replace it when the paving has dried. Finally, sweep the paving and repeat the process frequently to keep the driveway clean. 

Additionally be sure to clean up any marks, such as oil spills from your car, as and when they happen. 

How often should I clean my driveway?

We recommend that you clean your driveway at least every six months. This should be enough time to keep it in a good condition, and it also might be worthwhile to give it a spruce up when the seasons change in spring and autumn.  

What to do if your driveway is damaged?

If your driveway is already in a bad condition, or you simply don’t have the time to clean or maintain the paving yourself, then you should think about calling the professionals. This is where Harpenden Block Paving comes in. Our team are experts in the industry and can provide a whole host of driveway services, including block paving & sandstone driveways, patios and hard landscaping. To find out more, contact us today.