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The Benefits of Turfing Services

Posted on 8th February 2021

As well as enhancing the aesthetics of your garden or outdoor space, turfing can bring a number of environmental and health benefits. A garden often acts as the home’s social hotbed so it’s important for it to be in the best possible condition. 

Check out the wide range of benefits turfing services can bring to your home.

landscape with flowers

Decrease noise pollution

 It may seem strange, but having a lawn can help to reduce noise. Turf grass is far superior at absorbing sound than other surfaces, with studies showing that when noise is aimed at turf on a slope, it can reduce noise by up to eight to ten decibels.     

This means that when you’re having your summer barbecues you’re much less likely to annoy the neighbours with a turfed garden!        

Reduce erosion

Turf grass is extremely effective at binding soil, meaning it is able to hold on to vital nutrients in a way that not many plants can. The roots of the turf can store more water, binding together pieces of soil and preventing it from being carried away by the British weather. With around 24 billion tonnes of soil being lost due to erosion each year, it has become an increasingly difficult challenge for botanists and anywhere this can be reduced is useful.

As well as this, turf grass is better at controlling the runoff of flowing water, helping it absorb into the soil and improving the overall health of the grass and plants around it. 

Maintain a fresh air supply 

A turfed and well-maintained garden can provide you with a fresh and healthy air supply. Taking the carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen, it can also improve the quality of the air by trapping carbon and absorbing ozone.

Not only this, but turf grass also expels water, meaning the air is more humid and includes fewer toxins and pollutants. 

If you’re susceptible to allergies in the summer months then a lawn can help with this too. Turf often reduces the amount of pollen being produced, meaning less makes it into the air around you. Plus, a significantly dense amount of turf can also trap various other allergens that have become airborne. 

Perfect for recreational activities 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a halt to social gatherings, when the world does return to normal a nicely turfed lawn is the best place to hang out and relax with friends and family. 

Whether it’s a backyard barbecue in the summer, enjoying a picnic with your children or simply somewhere to kick back and relax with a drink after a long day in the office, a luscious lawn fits the bill for every occasion.      

Complement your paving

The versatility of turf grass is also a big benefit. Not only is it better for the environment and your health but it improves arguably every outdoor setting. 

The inspired pairing of a block paving patio and turfed lawn in your garden can really transform your outdoor space giving it a contemporary look. Breaking up the space between paving and grass can also make your garden seem larger, allowing you to utilise the space in a way that suits you best.  

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